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If it’s old, but still functioning, we might have it here!

We proudly present the Vintage Technology and Computer Museum.  The purpose of this event is to present vintage computers physically and promote the concept of vintage computing. A selection of computers from the event organizer’s personal collection will be showcased.

Everything you need to know…

The organizer of this event will present vintage computers from their personal collection. A diverse range of iconic computers, including Apple IIe, Macintosh 512K, Commodore 64, Amiga 600, TRS-80 Model 4, Tandy 1000EX, Tandy Color Computer 2, IBM 5155, and more, will be showcased.

Each computer on display will be accompanied by a concise historical description to familiarize attendees and promote the popularity of vintage computing.

Additionally, several computers will be powered on and set up for attendees to experience vintage operating systems and play video games from that era. There will also be an opportunity to try programming in BASIC, with the organizer providing sample programs.

The event aims to be an open gathering held during one or two of the conference evenings, with no registration required. Attendees only need to bring their curiosity and to be interested to learn about computer history.


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