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Introducing the V.E.N.D. Machine at SAINTCON

IT’S OCTOBER 2024 AND you step into SAINTCON, eyes wide with curiosity and a deep thirst for cybersecurity knowledge. The air buzzes with the electric energy of enthusiasts and experts alike, each delving into the depths of digital mysteries. You have heard whispers of a new feature at this year’s event, something that could instantly provide any attendee a tailor-made virtual environment for hacking, learning, and exploring. This is good because SAINTCON dedicates an entire floor to contests and communities. How could anyone prepare their laptop for this!? It’s called the V.E.N.D. Machine.

Finding the machine nestled among the bustling communities of the conference, you approach with excitement. After a few inputs, you’re granted access to your own customizable virtual machine on the conference network. Since you didn’t do any preparation before the conference, the VM becomes your secret weapon, a tool to dissect problems, test solutions, and sharpen your skills for the varied contests and community challenges.

What is the V.E.N.D. Machine?

The V.E.N.D. (Virtual Environment Network Dispenser) Machine is a new addition to SAINTCON, inspired by the innovative concept of DEFCON’s S.O.D.A. Machine. It is a physical vending machine that dispenses customizable virtual environments on-demand. Attendees can deploy and access a range of virtual machines (VMs) within the SAINTCON network, including but not limited to Windows 11, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, BlackArch, Arch, and Parrot Linux.

How Does it Work?

Location & Availability: Find the V.E.N.D. Machine stationed at a central spot within the SAINTCON constest and community space, accessible from the first day to the last day of the conference during regular hours.

Deployment: By following the instructions on the V.E.N.D. Machine, you can choose from a variety of VMs to deploy to the SAINTCON network. The machine interface will guide you through selecting the desired operating system and tools.

Access: Once your selection is made, the V.E.N.D. Machine prints a receipt with login credentials. This receipt is your key to accessing your VM via remote connection.

Customization: The VM is yours to customize. Install the necessary tools and applications to support your learning, hacking, and exploring throughout SAINTCON.

Features & Benefits:

A Variety of Environments: From beginner-friendly options to advanced setups, there’s something for everyone.

Hands-On Learning: Perfect for attendees looking to practice skills learned in workshops or talks in real-time.


Q: Can I share my VM?
A: Yes, if you wish to collaborate with others outside the SAINTCON network, a script to setup TailScale is provided in the home directory

Q: Can I save my work on the VM for future use?
A: All VMs will be decommissioned post-conference, so we recommend backing up any important data before SAINTCON concludes.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can install or run on the VMs?
A: While we encourage exploration and learning, we also prioritize the safety and integrity of the SAINTCON network. Therefore, illegal activities and the use of tools or software that could harm the network or other attendees are strictly prohibited. Remember to follow the SAINTCON Code of Conduct you agreed to when buying your ticket.

Q: What happens if my VM crashes or I encounter technical issues?
A: We have a dedicated support team for the V.E.N.D. Machine. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please reach out to them at the number found near the V.E.N.D. Machine or via the discord support channel.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Free!

Q: Can I self host?
A: YES! Guides on how to spin up your own VM/Container will be shared closer to the conference.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday
    Expo Closed Monday
  • Tuesday
    Noon – 5:00p
  • Wednesday
    9:00a – 5:00p
  • Thursday
    9:00a – 5:00p
  • Friday
    9:00a – 11:00a

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