Call for


The UtahSAINT Organization is excited to announce the Open Call for Communities for the upcoming SAINTCON 2023 conference event.

Proposals Due by April 15, 2023


As we begin the planning for SAINTCON 2023, we are already overwhelmed with ideas and individuals wanting to be involved.  Last year was in many ways a breakthrough year for our community conference, and we are looking to improve it even more. 

We are looking for New Communities, Old Communities, Reinvented Communities, but mostly More Communities for our community to explore.

As such we are opening the “Open Call for Communities” effective immediately.

Community Areas of Interest

We are seeking ideas and proposals for communities at SAINTCON in the following general areas, but if your community is not listed here, don’t worry we still want to hear from you!

  • AI Community
  • AppSec Community
  • Blue Team Community
  • Car Hacking Community
  • Career Hacking Community
  • Cloud Community
  • Firewall Community
  • Forensic Community
  • Hacker groups (801labs, DC435, DC2, etc)
  • Hardware Hacking Community
  • Healthcare Hacking Community
  • Industrial Controls Community
  • IoT Hacking Community
  • Keyboarding community
  • Law Enforcement Community
  • Lock Picking Community
  • Maker/3D Printing Community
  • Mentoring Community
  • Network Security Community
  • OSINT Community
  • Packet Capture Community
  • Password Community
  • Privacy Community
  • Reconnaissance Community
  • Red Team Community
  • Resume Hacking Community
  • RFID/NFC Community
  • Social Engineering Community
  • Soldering Skills Community
  • Tamper Evident Community
  • Web Security Community

Call for Communities Process

We are excited to see what you have!

To submit your proposal, click the link above or send an e-mail to

Please include all required information (outlined below) in the body of the e-mail rather than attaching a pdf/odf/docx/pages/wtf document. Once you submit, a member of the selection committee will acknowledge your submission within 3 business days. If you don’t hear back from us. Something went wrong!

Send it again, ping on the SAINTCON Discord, or hunt down @zodiak/@zevlag for more information.

Content for your proposals must include:

  • Community Name: This is the name that will be used on the website, on the signs, and throughout the conference.
  • Who will run this community: We allocate 2 staff positions (1 primary, and 1 secondary) for each approved community.
  • Brief description: This is a 1-3 sentence overview of what the community is, and what participants will learn.
  • Long description: This is the website content. It should be several paragraphs long. This should include detailed descriptions of what will be taught, tools used, what participants need to bring, game tie-ins, etc. This is your sales pitch to drive participation. Use it.
  • Improvements for 2023 (returning communities): What would you like to do to improve attendees’ experience over previous years?
  • What do you need: Estimates on what you will need to be successful including volunteers, budget, space at the conference, tables, equipment, etc. 
  • Family night: Is your event appropriate for, and would you like to be considered for family night content?
  • Contact information: We need to know how to get ahold of you. This can include real names, discord handles (including # – ie: zodiak#9312), phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
Hi, I’m Zodiak, and I’m looking forward to receiving your proposal!

Our Expectations

Communities at SAINTCON create a place of learning and exploration for event attendees and members of the greater community.  As such, we expect the following general guidelines to be understood:

  • Communities should have ways for participants to become engaged with the content and focus of the community which fosters learning and exploration.
  • Communities should AVOID when possible the use of contests/games as their primary method of exploration or teaching. (DIY CTF/Website)
  • Contests and Communities are separate engagements.  If your community is also a contest, they need to be submitted separately.
  • Communities need to be staffed for interaction during Expo hours of the event with exceptions needing to be understood and discussed with SAINTCON staff.

Terms of Remuneration

The UtahSAINT Organization and SAINTCON will provide Full Conference Passes for individuals responsible for the execution of any approved community.   Staff members who qualify may also receive housing accommodations during the event.

Budget for Communities

The UtahSAINT Organization and SAINTCON will provide budgeted monetary resources for communities.  Budget requirements should be planned and submitted as part of the proposal process.  We generally invest ~$750-1000 in each community each year.  Major requests beyond that range will be discussed as part of the proposal approval process.

Code of Conduct

All proposals and participants in Communities at SAINTCON are required to agree to, and follow our Code of Conduct.