Call For Papers

Why present at SAINTCON?

Welcome all presenters who are interested in presenting at SAINTCON 2017!

SAINTCON offers attendees a powerful opportunity to participate with and learn from some of the regions’ best security professionals. With an estimated attendance of 1000 people, SAINTCON is already one of the largest information security conference is the intermountain-west, but continues to grow in size every year.

As you are likely aware security issues are rising to the top of the mainstream news almost daily. If there ever is a time where we need your voice and expertise, it is NOW! We are extremely excited to build an amazing agenda for this year’s conference. Presenters are the lifeline of our conference and we could not do this without out you so please register and send in a proposal! We will be reading through all the proposals and selecting a variety of presenters and topics.

Proposal Schedule

May 19, 2017 - Call for Papers ("CFP”) Launches
July 15 2017 - Call for Papers ("CFP”) CLOSES
July 15-20, 2017 - Presentations approved. We anticipate Presenter registration codes will be distributed prior to conference registration.
September 25, 2017 - Final presenter materials are due. All materials need to be submitted to SAINTCON presenter department by this day for review and production. More details will be sent if accepted.
October 10, 2017 - SAINTCON Conference Begins

Presentation Details

Presentations should fit into one of the following formats

  • 25 Min - Presentation - Topic Briefing: This presentation is intended to be a briefing on a topic that provides the attendees an opportunity to learn about new security tactic, skill, or tool. Total Talk time is approx. 25 minutes with 5 minutes reserved for Q&A and scheduling.
  • 50 Min - Presentation - Topic Presentation: This style of presentation is intended for comprehensive coverage of a topic. Intended for either a deep-dive into a tool, or a broader discussion of security topics, our expectations for people we give this amount of time are high!

Time Slots

  • There are a limited number of slots for each type of presentation so please be flexible. If we approve of your topic we may ask you to either extend or shrink down the content based on the how the agenda fills out.

Presentation Topic Suggestions

We are interested in a wide variety of information security and technology trainings. The following list will provide you with a basic idea of what topics interest us for SAINTCON:
  • Tools, Tools, Tools. Network Security tools.
  • Ransomware, (WannaCry) Shadowbrokers, top talker problems we face.
  • Community talks. We want to stress community this year.
  • Patching, Patching, Patching and how to do it the right way.
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Security dealing with HIPPA and medical devices.
  • Network Protocols, Analysis and Attacks
  • Security certifications primers
  • Penetration testing techniques and tools
  • Defensive techniques and tools
  • Web application security
  • IoT security (don’t want a lot of these but one or two good ones)
  • Hardware hacking, embedded systems and other electronic devices
  • Security in Wi-Fi and VoIP environments
  • Technical approach to alternative operating systems
  • Denial of service attacks and/or countermeasures

These are not all official topics but just a few ideas. We are willing to consider any and all security and technology related trainings or presentations for SAINTCON 2017. If you have something original, we encourage you to submit it.

Presenter Benefits

SAINTCON is offering the following benefits to presenters who are selected to participate in this years conference:

  • Free pass to the entire SAINTCON 2017 event.
  • Access to the Trainers/Presenters Lounge. (Free food/drinks available at various times throughout the day)
  • Special SAINTCON Gift
  • The joy that goes along with helping a community based conference

SAINTCON has limited funding and may choose to cover some travel costs for select presenters based on availability of funds and the situation of the presenter.

Presentation Submissions

SAINTCON 2017 Presentations will take place during the week of the SAINTCON conference beginning October 10th 2017. The location is the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah. If you are interested in presenting at SAINTCON, please register and submit your presentation by July 15, 2017 at 23:59 MDT

Submission Process

To have your presentation considered for inclusion in SAINTCON, you will be required to submit your proposal to via the online portal. Submissions received via any other method will not be considered.

The submission form requires the following information:

  • Presenter contact information and bio
  • Presentation name
  • Full Description/Abstract of the presentation, including and special requirements

Important things to consider

  • Time Management - Management of time and understanding the duration of your training or presentation is necessary. We ask that you plan on fitting your presentation into the allotted time-slot. Please ensure that you are not cramming or stretching a presentation to fit it into the timeslot. The best talks are the ones that are designed to fit into the time, and allow for 5-10 minutes at the end for questions from the audience.
  • Appropriate Content - Choosing the appropriate content for your training/presentation is essential. Particularly dark or miscreant focused topics are discouraged. We appreciate EXCLUSIVE content which is new or interesting. Please also ensure that you consider "responsible disclosure" of information prior to presenting it at SAINTCON.
  • Language and NSFW content - SAINTCON is an environment where we encourage young hackers and interested individuals to participate. The use of strong language is discouraged. Presenting adult-style content that is Not Safe For Work ("NSFW") is prohibited.
  • Materials and Information - The trainer/presenter relationship may be terminated if materials are not submitted when required. You may also be required to provide additional information to us regarding accommodations if necessary.

Submitting a Proposal

We will only accept training submissions through the official online form system which has been developed for this purpose. You must register on the site below and “submit a talk and choose training as one of the options”


Any submission NOT made through the official submission system will not be considered.