Speaking Formats:

Choose between 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.

Submitting a Presentation

Complete the SAINTCON 2014 Call for Presenters form: LINK

We will not have a lot of time to go back and forth asking clarifying questions or looking for missing information from your submission. Submit your proposal as complete as possible. Minor changes later can be handled through email once accepted

After the completed form is submitted, speakers will be contacted if there are any major questions about their proposals. If your presentation is accepted we will work with you to keep the information up to date.

Your Responsibilities if chosen

You will be responsible to provide SAINTCON organizers with updates to the progress of your presentation.

You will need to provide presentation slides and/or materials by specific dates. Usually 30-40 Days prior to the Con.

What do you get?

You will get into the conference for free. You will also receive a half-off code to register a friend

You will have access to the Presenters Lounge where treats are available during the conference

Presenters get a unique badge noting their status as a presenter at SAINTCON

Presenters get everlasting fame, an opportunity to share their expertise, meet cool people, and feel good about helping the community.

Got Questions?

CFP Forms and Questions should be submitted via email to: cfp/at/saintcon.org