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By: Rachel Tobac  

At DEF CON 27 a journalist asked Rachel Tobac to take over as many accounts as she could -- live. By the end of the day, Rachel had wreaked havoc on 10+ accounts, siphoned thousands of dollars worth of points into accounts she controlled, disrupted his travel plans, and was even ready to shut his lights off. Rachel did all of this without ever once contacting the journalist. Learn the playbook Rachel used to social engineer her way into her target's accounts in one day, and what you can do to stop attackers in their tracks.

By: Russ Rogers  SpeedRussr

When computers were created, resources were limited. We didn't have the processing power or memory available to make data intuitive to the human brain. Instead, we trained ourselves to read output as best we could. 40-50 years later and we're stuck in a rut, doing the same thing; even though the volume of information we have available to us is astronomically more abundant. The security problem of today will not be solved by using data analysis mechanisms of 50 years ago. To take full advantage of the data we have access to we need to change our approach to software development and draw on lessons during the study of the human mind. Instead of thinking of data like 50 year old computer nerds, we need to start analyzing data like an 8 year old at a gaming console.