Mobile Hacking Community | SAINTCON 2019

Mobile Hacking Community

Have you ever wanted to pull data off a phone that has been long destroyed? Have you ever wondered how to exploit vulnerabilities like blueborne in android? Gaining root and having a shell that is available to you remotely. Have you ever wondered what kinds of data you can pull from your phone and correlate to pull app usage, location when you used said app, text messages sent, and where you have gone through your whole day? Learn about all this and more at the Mobile Hacking Community!

We will work on hardware and software exploits and talk about the limitations of each.
Decrypt android backups
Reverse Engineer Andorid applications
Pull data off cracked and long dead phones
Learn how to avoid basic mistakes in Android programming like intent sniffing and click jacking
Even bring your own dead phones in to try and recover data.

We will have quick 10-15 minute flash talks on these during the conference. Also you can ask one of the community staff members with any questions.

What to bring:
   Bring a windows laptop