The Vault Village

SAINTCON 2016 Vault Contract

Intelligence has confirmed the location of a highly classified document that we need to obtain immediately. This document is located on a CD hidden inside of a guarded office. It is rumored to be protected with multiple layers of tamper evident devices. We have an asset on site that will spike the guard’s drink with laxative. This will buy you a 15 minute window to get in, gather additional intelligence, find the CD, and get out. Everything must be left the way you found it to avoid suspicion. If you are able to obtain the tamper evident case, we can provide an asset to reinsert it once you have obtained the document. The asset will require the case back by Thursday @4pm. There is also a sensitive document disposal company arriving on site Thursday evening.

Make sure to bring a watch as there is no clock in the room to track when the guard will return. If you damage any systems or equipment, you will be caught and thrown in jail (disqualified). You only have one opportunity to make entry so make it count. If the alarm is triggered, you are caught. There will be no buffer to get out alive. We will setup a meeting with an office manager to provide you an opportunity to ‘case the joint’ two times before you attempt entry. Make sure to document all potential assets and alarm sensors during these meetings. You may also want to bring some radio gear just in case you find yourself in proximity to someone entering the alarm code.

The following rules apply:

  1. Teams can consist of no more than THREE people.
  2. Each team only gets a SINGLE attempt.
  3. Each team can walk through (case the joint) twice before making their attempt.
  4. Individuals may only participate on one team.
  5. Teams can choose to NOT participate in the Tamper Evident portion of the competition.
  6. Teams that take a Tamper Evident Case and do not return it will be disqualified.
  7. No team is allowed to dismantle, destroy, or modify the structure in any way whatsoever.
  8. Security cameras are for CONFERENCE MONITORING, do not disconnect, block, or damage any security cameras.
  9. No team should destroy or damage any equipment, furniture, or any other part of the exercise.
  10. A roof is assumed, no team is allowed to scale over the wall.
  11. Any team using the emergency exit in a non-emergency will be disqualified.
  12. Only consumables, to include the tamper evident kit, may be removed from the room.
  13. Teams must start the timer when they are ready to enter and exit. Last man out must stop the timer.